Ron Keel


NEW EPISODES PREMIERE WEEKLY on Sunny Radio 93.3 FM Sioux Falls / at 9 PM Central/10 Eastern

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Seven years ago I launched the weekly syndicated radio show “Streets Of Rock N Roll.” I hosted 144 episodes of that program which were broadcast on dozens of FM/AM/online stations worldwide to over 50,000 listeners each week. The program featured some big-time celebrity guests, great music, special feature segments, news and commentary.

In 2015 I was offered the opportunity to move to Sioux Falls and create my dream band while hosting a daily radio show on the #1 rock station in the market. When that ran its course, I enjoyed being a partner in KBACK radio online. Now I’m excited to return to a weekly syndicated format that will allow me to entertain listeners while living the rock n roll life of a recording and performing musician, and proud to announce the debut of “Streets Of Rock N Roll” 2.0.

The show premiered Saturday March 2nd on Sunny Radio 93.3 FM in Sioux Falls and online at The broadcast features exclusive interviews with rock celebrities, industry insiders, authors and actors; “Girls Like Me: Women Who ROCK, with Dierdre” – she’s a new star on the edge of the big time, her band features Keel drummer Dwain Miller, and she features different Women Who Rock on her segment each week. I am committed to giving new artists exposure in our weekly “Rockers On The Rise” installment.

I’ve certainly learned a lot hosting a live daily broadcast these past three years, and I intend to combine that knowledge and experience with the passion that drove me to create my own radio show in the first place. I really enjoy hosting and producing the show, and I hope those who choose to tune in will enjoy the ride as well.

Subscribers at can listen to the podcast version of the show on demand.

We’re expanding to additional affiliate stations worldwide, with and leading the charge. Interested stations and advertisers can get in touch with us at LIVE THE ROCK!